1.  Who processes customer payments? 

Slick installs an encrypted payment processing gateway directly to your existing website, or on your new website that we build.  Your customer's payment info will be processed directly by this tool safely, securely and 24 hours a day!  


2.  How do I get paid? 


Payments are sent via ACH directly to your bank account within 24-48 hours of the customer paying.  ALL customers must pay 100% at the time of checkout, so you may have the money even before the delivery.


3.  What if I don't have a website? 

No problem!  We will build you one.  OR if you have an existing business that is looking to diversify with a "budget" online company...we can help!


4.  How long does this take to set up/is there training involved? 

Existing websites will take 2-4 weeks.  New website 4-6 weeks.  Training is offered but most vendors find the platform so easy to use that they are pros within minutes.


5.  What level of customer support can I expect? 

We are here for you!  Not only are we monitoring your website data but we are also there to help with anything technical.


6.  Will this work with my existing services? 


Yes!  You can upsell any of your existing services directly through the website in a seamless and integrated way.  Offer annual tune-ups?  Installs?  Propane?  We've got you covered.

7.  Who do I call with questions? 


Slick customer service can be reached via email, text or phone call at any time!