Slick gives every fuel dealer the tools they need to compete in the 21st century.

Online Safe Secure Payments

Do more with less.  

Are you making your customers call you or submit email forms to order fuel?  Do you have to call them back, hope you reach them, get their payment info and manually enter it into a payment processor?

What if we could in a matter of minutes provide you with a low cost, safe payment tool that replaces that clunky process?  And what if that tool allowed you to capture the business that you're losing?  Yup, we've got that covered.

Even if you already have a website...does it provide up to date real-time pricing?  Does it capture a lead, nurture that lead and turn that lead into a sale?

Does your website/software provide your customers up to date text notifications?  Does it tell them their tank levels and allow them to simply reply "Y" to place an order?

We've got that and then some...oh and we've mastered this process over the last decade!

Text/Email Automation

Real-time pricing, notifications & payments!

Screen Shot 2020-03-10 at 11.13.45

Don't wait and hope for customers to order. Notify them when they need it!

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Backend Process Automations

It's a tedious, labor-intensive and costly proposition - From taking phone orders to entering credit card payments to reconciling delivery slips and everything in between. 


Enter Slick.

Slick gives delivery companies the tools to acquire, manage and retain your customers while providing you with simplified accounting reports, metrics and analytics.  Built by the industry for the industry.

Most on-demand around.  So even if you're spending money to drive traffic to your website, you're likely not capturing any useful information that can help you sell to them down the road.

Modern consumers demand modern solutions.  Slick has mastered the art of grabbing a consumer's attention, keeping them happy and keeping them coming back for more.  And now...that tool is yours!

Marketing Automation/CRM.

Total automation.Total domination.

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Slick's cloud-based platform handles everything.  From capturing the customer to processing the'll be able to do what you do best and let us do the rest!